Kerry Collins 

fine art

Welcome to my website.

About myself.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. As a child my parents thought I was unusually religious, spending many hours engaged with my fathers big black leather bound bible. In this beautiful book still at home, there were pages of great religious masterpieces. Paintings by the ancient masters. These were what held huge fascination and pleasure for me.

I knew I was not ready for Art College straight out of school. I wanted to earn my own money and to travel.

I lived in London for a year and saved money, then filled my rucksack and headed off to Egypt, India, Nepal and Southeast Asia, before arriving in New Zealand, I lived there for over 3 years.

I continued to draw and paint at every opportunity. So when I arrived back in Ireland I was ready to commit to developing my art full time, supplementing my income by being a yoga instructor,

I obtained my Fine Art degree from Crawford College of Art and design, Cork in 2002, with distinction, winning the UTV young artist prize, the Eli Lilly purchase prize and the CIT purchase prize. I was invited to have my first solo exhibition in University College Cork by Prof. Robert Yacamini.

After that I continued to exhibit in solo and group exhibitions annually. I was a founding member of Art Haven gallery and workshop space in Crosshaven and The Be Creative centre in Carrigaline.

In 2017, feeling stagnant in my work, I attended a workshop in Seville with Internationally renowned artist Nick Alm. I returned feeling like I was in Kindergarten and decided to concentrate on developing my work focussing on classical realism techniques.

More workshops followed with Teresa Oaxaca, Brian Smyth and online mentoring with Florence Academy principal instructor Cornelia Hernes, which is continuous today.

As I write this today, Nov 8th 2020, I am in Ukraine for one month to work and learn from maestro Artem Rogowoi.

This is what I relish above all else, the continuous growth. Every time I place a blank canvas in front of me, it is a new puzzle, a new challenge.

There is no choice for me. I am compelled to make art.


Recently I rented a premises in beautiful Glengarriff, Co. Cork, where I have a studio and gallery. It bacame obvious that I also needed a website. So here I am, stepping well out of my comfort zone and building this site myself. Excuse its imperfections!

I have mostly completed the print shop. I sourced the best quality prints available from Paddy Costigan and his team at The Framemakers, Cork and Carrigaline. Giclee printing is the closest to paint quality and amazingly lightfast.

In the original section I will break down the amount of time each piece takes to give you a better understanding of the costs. As the work is coming directly from me, they are 50% less than they would be in a gallery. I will also accept deposits and stage payments. 

A piece of original art transforms the space it occupies. Original art always appreciates in value and is passed on to future generations. As time goes on I am choosing to keep more of my pieces for that very reason, and to be honest, also because as I develope and dedicate more time to each one, I find it really difficult to part company with them. Hence the prints.

I am active on Instagram and Facebook. Join me there. Or visit me in Glengarriff.

Best wishes and warmest regards,



Self portrait 2020

Glengarriff studio/Gallery