Put the blame on Meme

50 x 50cms
It’s lovely when my work resonates with more than one person, so I m happy to provide really great quality Giclee prints. They are so densely printed from super hi res image captures that they really look like the originals.
My reference here is Rita Hayworth. I remember the first time I saw her in Gilda I was mesmerised. I painted this during the lockdown. With so much time to myself without any agenda except to try to advance my painting skills and being introspective I went right back to the subjects I loved as a little girl. Beautiful women who inspired me, leading ladies who remind me in some way of my own leading ladies. My granny also adored Rita. I spent holidays with her. I would cut out my beautiful princesses and glue them to pages of wallpaper sample books. I chose this lush print for this luscious lady.
The original took me @ 120hrs to complete.
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